Who we are, what we do

Your transformation is our passion

We are your personal trainer, your nutritionist, your supplement expert.
We provide the knowledge and the tools you need to burn fat, build muscle and become your best self.


E-3 Fitness is the ultimate mixture of great virtual classes that is wildly supportive community. Our one-of-a-kind virtual club combines a cutting-edge fitness programming in a full-service club for people who are ready to get fit and have fun doing it. We are passionate about introducing absolute beginners to fitness as much as we enjoy challenging our most athletic members.


Our “secret sauce” is our radically supportive community. Our energy is supportive and positive. Our atmosphere is in your home! Our classes and programs are cutting-edge and personalized just for you! That’s why our members love us. We believe our community is a KEY ingredient to our members and their long-term fitness success.


We are NOT a BIG BOX CORPORATE club where you become just a membership number. We provide the best of both worlds: targeted programming and a dynamic range of classes and programs in the convenience of your home. Stop being a number at a strip mall gym or driving all over town, paying high studio prices when E-3 has it all

Our Affiliates

Most of our affiliates regularly offer exclusive promotions that help you to increase your results even faster.